Sunday, 6 July 2008

Where in the world can you . . .

chase down deer in a Surrey Bike,

have a keep-your-feet-in-the-cold-water-the-longest battle,

go horseback riding,


climb the same mountain for the millionth time,

race paddle boats,

kiss a frog,

chillax in your friends' spare cabin,

play games in your backyard by day,

and observe bears in your backyard (50 yards from the deck) by twilight?


Denise said...

Between you and Lucy, I'm starting to get bear-phobic. Aside from the scary wildlife, it looks FABULOUS! I don't know where in the world you can do all those things, but I'm glad you got to go there!

Christy said...

Oh, Oh, Pick me! I know the answer....but I won't spoil it for your other friends. Thanks so much for taking our girls with you, they had the time of their lives, and couldn't tell me all about it fast enough. Sounds like they're already making plans to go back - good thing I bought a park pass this year.

Michelle A. said...

Ahh, sounds delightful! Must be heaven - that must be the answer - or somewhere in Canada!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I don't know where it is . . . but I'd sure love it wherever it is. What a grand vacation.

lelly said...

woah. seriously woah. looks like the most fantastic place to be (and i wouldn't even mind the bears...)

Hilary said...

what an amazing family vacation!! How cool (and slightly scary) about the bears!

Lucy said...

Waterton. Blessed Waterton. Waterton/Glacier is my absolute favorite spot on earth. Perfect.

cheetah (aka rglhm) said...

Yes, good ole Waterton. How much fun. I love doing paddle boats down there. I think it's my favourite place to do that kind of thing.

Tasha said...

Heaven? Seriously, that seams dreamy!

melanie said...

Gorgeous photos Barb! The view behind you is breathtaking. I want to vacation there too!!

carlo said...

note to self: get more (or one) friend with a "spare" cabin. Awesome friend!

looks like such fun. minus the bear.

Steve said...

it was fun. srry about the url mom i coulnt resist! <:)

michelle said...

Amazing. I can't believe the bear!