Sunday, 29 June 2008

Anne would think of a romantic name for this spot.

When I was in Carmen's room the other day I thought I could hear her voice coming from the window. I looked down and saw her watering some plants.
Actually, the neighbor's plants.
I came down to take more pictures, but Carmen had finished watering and was feeling thoughtful.
Possibly a mood created by the incredibly fragrant lilacs just out of sight.
The space at the front between the houses is a dreamy place to play. You can see what is happening on the street, but you have a feeling of seclusion from it.
Chloe peeked out and saw us below.
She came down and even brought treats.
I tried to get some candid photos by hiding behind the gate.
But it seems I need to work on my spy skills.


Marie said...

"The garden of eternal reflection"

"The lilac repose"

"The glen of fragrant blossoms"

Just my guesses of what Anne may have come up with for this great little spot.

Katie A. said...

You'll all need to get dresses with puffed sleeves to wear out there. It's what Ann would have wanted. I like the picture from behind the fence.

I loved the Soccer Birthday post. "They can pretend it's a muddy field if they want." You go, Birthday Girl!

Lucy said...

I have no ideas, but your girls sure are cute! I love that they caught you spying.

Michelle A. said...

Very sweet photos Barb! Anne would be proud!

Denise said...

That last picture is fan.tas.tic. You have such a good eye!

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I have been by. Looks like you have had a lot going on. Love that you need to work on your spy skills. Mine try to pose when I take a picture. I want it to look as natural as yours did on this day. Someday!!

michelle said...

That sure is cute!