Sunday, 27 May 2007

Mother Daughter Party

This weekend was our ward Fathers & Sons camp, and this year I planned a Mother-Daughter activity for the Friday night that the boys were camping. I thought I'd post about the party as soon as I got home, but I was exhausted and I went to bed without even cleaning up all the party stuff that came home with me!

I started with the invitations using my Cricut to cut the flower shape, and I used Festisite to print out the words in a spiral. I'm definitely going to have to use the spiral again, but as a snail shell next time - I just love it.

I put the punch bowl (well actually the punch bucket) inside a plastic flower pot, which turned out super cute, and my Cricut came in handy again to make decorations for the straws.

I scattered those plastic flower pots all over the place. I used them to organize the craft supplies with each pot holding supplies for a different craft.

I had this idea to cut up dollar store lei's and then pop the silk flowers over Christmas tree mini lights to decorate the gym. They turned out alright, but it would have looked better if I'd used brighter colors with no white in the middle of the flower, I think.

This party was mostly aimed at the younger crowd, though I had 5 YW come and they liked the pudding/Oreo crumbs/ gummy worm dessert just as much as the little girls!

We played a couple of games: Mother may I? and Rainbow tag.

One of the crafts we made were those wind chimes Kristi posted about made from fishing line and glass pebbles:

The karaoke machine was popular, and the performances got wilder and bolder as the evening progressed, which is what seems to happen at all karaoke parties.

I brought streamers, balloons, and paper flower shapes for the girls to decorate their bikes or scooters that they brought as well as crowns to wear so that we could have a bike parade in the parking lot. I'd planned the bike parade to be the final event at the party, but when it was over everyone went back inside to craft and karaoke for another hour and a half!

I had to talk to Carmen about her candy throwing technique during the parade. She was throwing the candy AT the moms rather than TO the moms.


Kelly said...

I see Enrichment in your future.....

Just teasing, but it's a totally cute idea. I love all you do with your Cricut. I have one, and haven't done much with it. It looks like quite a fun evening.

Marie said...

You are crazy fun! So was it just a bunch of your friends from the ward? I love the idea of having a mother-daughter party! And I love all the work you did to make it cute!

Mandy said...

sounds like you had a great time! You are so creative with all of your ideas. I'm glad you shared.

Mark said...

your crazy.

Kelly A. said...

Loved this! You are a party goddess, what lucky friends you have.

Dirk said...

Barb, I don't mind that you do these things, but I would appreciate if you didn't blog about it so Marie won't find out. I have enough on my hands as it is.

Jill said...

Wow, you went all out. Did anyone help you with any of this? No wonder you were exhausted.

I'm seriously impressed and glad you had a fun night.

RGLHM said...

HA HA HA HA!!!! Mark and Dirk are too funny!
What a fun idea. I saw the invites at the church and thought it looked great. Way to throw a party.
My favourite pictures are of Chloe and great!
And b/c Mark said you were crazy, do you want to put some things together for his Kite birthday party this Saturday?:)

Elizabeth said...

What a great idea. You went to a lot of work. I bet everyone had a great time.

SHERI said...

What a production! Looks like fun. Who doesn't love karaoke?

annalisa said...

Wow you are always so creative and plan everything to the last detail. I'm with Kelly. I hope the ideas keep flowing for your Enrichment calling! :)